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          YOU need to see around the corner and spend more time delivering actionable insights to your business. 

          YOU are done with manually reviewing every Google Alert in your inbox.

          YOU spend more time organizing market intelligence than you do analyzing it.

          WE have the software tools and services needed to change the way you do competitive intelligence.




          Stay ahead of market disruption, minimize the risk of competitor surprises, and maintain your competitive advantage with industry-leading competitive intelligence tools and strategy support from Cipher.


          Hone in on Strategy

          Bring in the Cipher team to shape your competitive strategy and solidify your competitive advantage.

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          Trust the Experts

          Get expert competitive strategy guidance and support from day one, onward.

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          Extend your Reach

          Scale up your intelligence function with tools to aggregate, visualize and collaborate on information.

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          Access a library of helpful information to improve your competitive intelligence, market intelligence, business intelligence, and knowledge management efforts to attain a competitive advantage.

          competitive intelligence benchmarking

          Benchmark Your Competitive Intelligence Function

          This first-of-its-kind benchmarking study conducted by Cipher and James Madison University unveils key insights about the "state of play" of competitive intelligence in the Life Sciences industry — an industry that has long seen the value of competitive intelligence. 

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          competitive intelligence basics

          Learn the Basics of Competitive Intelligence

          This educational webinar series answers questions like "What is the difference between business intelligence and competitive intelligence?" and "How do I build a competitive intelligence function?" 

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          Cutting-Edge Technology and Services

          Cipher is the industry-leading provider of innovative competitive intelligence tools and services with 22 years of experience helping companies find and maintain their competitive advantage.


          Find Your Data in One Place.

          Collect, organize, visualize, collaborate, and share competitive intelligence and competitor analysis from a single, centralized tool. Monitor for changing market conditions and competitor activity 24/7 and easily find the information you need later. 


          Tools and People You Can Count On.

          Blend cutting-edge competitive intelligence tools with highly trained Cipher market intelligence researchers, strategists, and analysts to effectively navigate market disruptions, build your internal competitive intelligence function or optimize your existing market intelligence efforts.

          strategic and competitive intelligence professionals

          Ethical and Actionable Competitive Intelligence

          Cipher follows the code of ethics developed by the Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) membership association. We are the only competitive intelligence firm to receive the SCIP Certified? designation for both our software and consulting services. 

          Cipher has been an instrumental partner as our organization prepares for the potential launch of our first commercial product and beyond.Their overall industry knowledge, combined with expert consultants, has allowed our organization to identify key challenges and opportunities within the competitive landscape.

          InsmedMegan Lund | Market Insight Lead

          We sought Cipher’s expert services in our efforts to gain insight into the competitive market of wellness and health management platforms and Cipher went above and beyond our expectations to understandthe nuances of our industry. The Cipher team was easy to work with and conducted invaluable research that yielded multi-dimensional reports on competitive pricing models and capabilities to help inform our marketing strategy.

          New Ocean Health SolutionsJoe Terrion | President

          Cipher demonstrated a strong desire to clearly understand our needs. The team asked the right questions to understand our market in a short period of time and their approach and research expertise were exemplary. Our time frames were very short and we were extremely pleased that each committed benchmark was met. We were very pleased with our first experience with Cipher and will certainly consider them for future projects.

          National Association of REALTORSKen Burlington|Vice President, Strategic Business, Innovation & Technology

          We truly value our long-term partnership with Cipher. We have relied heavily on their expertise and experience to build out our market insight capabilities to better effect strategic decision making. They had a clear understanding of our strategic needs and have helped us to prioritize our investments over time and grow in a smart manner.

          Director of Strategic IntelligenceLarge Healthcare Organization

          Competitive Intelligence Tools for Competitive Advantage

          Get competitive strategy insights from the experts at Cipher


          Competitor Tracking Made Easy with Knowledge360?

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          Maximizing Your Investment in a Strategy Consultant

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          The Complete Guide to Competitive Intelligence

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          Assess Your Competitive Landscape

          Quickly assess your competitive landscape, track your competitors, and develop a detailed competitive analysis with Knowledge360?. Collect, analyze, and collaborate on competitive intelligence that informs a winning sales and marketing strategy.

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